Clinical Team

Orthoptists & Clinical Staff

Eye Surgery Associates has a team of highly qualified and dedicated employee and contracted allied health professionals working in close association with our ophthalmologists to meet your eye care needs. Our Clinical people are either orthoptists/ophthalmic assistants or medical photographers.

Orthoptic Department

Orthoptists specialise in disorders of eye movements and diagnostic procedures related to the eye and the visual system. Orthoptists are university trained and in our team of Orthoptists they are qualified with either a Diploma, Bachelor, Masters or PhD degrees.  For further information about the Orthoptic profession, please visit

ESA Orthoptists are a key part of our team and in most circumstances the first person you will meet as part of your medical consultation at ESA.  Your Orthoptist will assist the management of your eye condition by performing the necessary medical history, visual acuity testing, refraction and may perform a variety of diagnostic tests to aid the ophthalmologist in the diagnosis and treatment of your eye condition.  Your Orthoptist will also take the time to answers to any questions you have about your condition or treatment plan. They will also provide you with the relevant information so that you will be fully informed and be well prepared for your consultation with one of our eye specialists.


Introducing The Clinical Team:

  • Clinical Services Manager:  Fiona (B.Orth) manages our team of 13 full time orthoptists and our biomedical photographer.  She is an orthoptist with over 15 years experience and is responsible for the clinical services provision at our three sites.  Having worked in both the public and private sector, Fiona has had extensive experience across the different ophthalmic specialties and has a special interest in pre-operative cataract assessment and lens selection.
  • Assistant Clinical Services Manager:  Laura A (B.Orth & OphthalSc),has worked at ESA for several years gaining experience in all aspects of ophthalmology, with a special interest in oculoplastic, corneal and refractive surgery. Laura is actively involved in surgical assisting in these particular areas. Laura has also undertaken multiple overseas volunteer eye programs and thoroughly enjoys the challenges these present.
  • Visual Electrophysiology Orthoptist: Jo Lynch (Dip App Sci (Orth) , B Orth & Oph Sci, AOBR, MOA). Visual Electrophysiology involves testing the integrity of the visual pathways, i.e. it investigates the function of the retina and optic nerve. The main tests are the VEP (visual evoked response) ERG (electroretinogram) Mutifocal ERG and EOG (electrooculogram). Small electrodes are used to measure the electrical responses to stimuli such as flashes of light and checkerboard patterns. These tests are very useful in the diagnosis of genetic, inflammatory, metabolic and neurological eye conditions, and in investigating unexplained visual loss. Jo has more than twenty years’ experience in visual electrophysiology in both paediatric and adult settings.
  • Bio-Medical Photographer: Stav (B.App.Sci.(Photo), Adv Cert(Art and Design) have been in the retinal medical field for over 15 years and is the lead photographer in the many clinical trials conducted at ESA.  As a bio-medical photographer, Stav is trained to take a range of photographic and digital images of the eye to further aid in the diagnosis of your eye condition. The most common of these diagnostic tests are Fluorescein Angiography (“Angios”), Optical Coherence Tomography (“OCTs”), ICG Angiography and MAIA field test (the new generation microperimetry test).  These examinations provide valuable information about the retina, blood vessels and optic nerve head at the back of the eye which can be vital in the management of diabetic eye disease, macular degeneration and a range of other retinal diseases.
  • Refractive Co-ordinator: Jane (B.Orth& OphthalSc) has 10 years’ experience as an orthoptist working at several practices around Melbourne and London NHS.  Jane is a clinical specialist in the area of cataract and refractive surgery, this  involves managing  pre-operative and post-operative assessments, surgery planning  and calculations and is responsible for overseeing refractive surgery planning and calculations. Jane regularly assists in refractive and cataract surgery and  has expertise in working with the lasers for both laser assisted cataract surgery and refractive laser surgery.  Jane is actively involved in presenting at national conferences.   
  • East Melbourne Clinical Co-Ordinator: Cecily (Dip.App.Sc) is in charge of our medical supplies and equipment, as well as supervising the orthoptic side of things at our East Melbourne site.  Her 23 years as an orthoptist has given her a chance to develop a particular interest in inflammatory and infectious eye disease and low vision.  
  • Doncaster Clinical Co-ordinator: Agnes (B.Orth) holds a senior Orthoptist’s position with over 15 years of clinical experience.  She has previously worked at several private practices around Melbourne, gaining vast experiences in all areas of eye health care. Agnes is the Orthoptic supervisor for ESA’s Doncaster site.
  • Malvern Clinical Co-ordinator: Justine (B.Ortho & OphthalSc) has 3 years of clinical experience and has taken on the role as orthoptic site co-ordinator at our Cabrini site. During this time she has undertaken a number of roles, including participating in various clinical trials at Cabrini.  
  • Orthoptists: Laura A (B.Orth & OphthalSc), Laura R (B.Orth& OphthalSc), Justine (B.Ortho & OphthalSc), Phoebe (B.Orth& OphthalSc), Christina (BOrth & OphthalSc), Nicola (B.Orth & OpthalSc), Alanna (B.Orth & OphthalSc), Christine, Meri (B.Orth & PhD), Donna, Faye (B.Orth & OphthalSc), Jess B (BOrth & OphthalSc), Melinda (B.Orth & OphthalSc), Teagan (BOrth & OphthalSc)