Dr Nathan Kerr

Specialises in Cataract & Glaucoma
Dr Nathan Kerr

Dr Nathan Kerr (BHB, MBChB, MD, FRANZCO) is a highly-trained ophthalmic surgeon who specialises in cataract and glaucoma surgery and the management of most ophthalmic conditions.

Dr Kerr completed a two-year glaucoma and optic nerve fellowship for which he was awarded a Doctorate of Medicine prior to commencing ophthalmology speciality training. After becoming a Fellow of the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Ophthalmologists (FRANZCO), Dr Kerr went on to complete an additional two years of glaucoma subspeciality training. His first year was at the Royal Victorian Eye & Ear Hospital in Melbourne and the second at the pre-eminent Moorfields Eye Hospital in London where he in trained in minimally invasive glaucoma surgery (MIGS) under the world-renowned surgeon Mr Keith Barton.

Dr Kerr is the only fellowship-trained minimally invasive glaucoma surgeon in Australia. He uses the most advanced micro-incision surgery and revolutionary microscopic glaucoma implants to reduce or eliminate the need for glaucoma eye drops. He is a co-editor of MIGS.org and has been invited to teach MIGS surgery in the United Kingdom, Switzerland, and France.

Dr Kerr aims to achieve the best possible outcome for every patient and ensures patients receive personalised treatment tailored to their specific needs.

Advanced Cataract Surgery
Dr Kerr’s modern cataract surgery techniques ensure that patients experience a relaxed, pain-free operation with rapid recovery of vision. Dr Kerr commonly uses:
– Femtosecond-laser (laser precision and faster recovery of vision)
– No needle anaesthesia (safe for patients on aspirin and warfarin)
– No pain (numbing anaesthetic gel)
– No stiches (“key-hole” small incision surgery)
– No eye patch (rapid return of vision through a clear protective shield in minutes)
– No anxiety (sedation provided by a specialist anaesthetist if desired)

Minimally Invasive Glaucoma Surgery (MIGS)
Dr Kerr’s international training has allowed him to become an expert in this area. Dr Kerr is familiar with the most advanced technologies in minimally invasive glaucoma surgery including the revolutionary iStent Inject, Hydrus, XEN, and CyPass devices. He is able to perform most surgeries under local anaesthetic. All of these techniques allow for a quick, safe, pain-free operation with a fast postoperative recovery and may reduce or eliminate the need for glaucoma eye drops.

To request an appointment with Dr Kerr in East Melbourne please call (03) 9416 0695 or for an appointment at Vermont South call (03) 9998 8337.

Please fax referrals to (03) 9416 1816 for East Melbourne or (03) 8777 1224 for Vermont South.

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East Melbourne
Vermont South

Specialty Interests

Comprehensive Ophthalmology


Cataract surgery
Glaucoma surgery