For Referrers

Resources & Information for General Practitioners, Optometrists and Specialists

For general readers of this page we hope you will appreciate that ESA’s referrers (GP, Optometrists & Specialists) are essential partners with our doctors in patient treatment and care. This page contains information and resources for ESA referrers necessary to facilitate the co-management relationship with ESA doctors and staff.

Emergency and Urgent patients: ESA has allocated in the bookings template specific appointment slots reserved for urgent/emergency cases. Should you require an urgent booking please contact us directly and we will ensure that the patients will be fitted in.

Events/Seminar/CPE:  As part of our commitment to or referrers we aim to offer regular information sessions and a regular series of ‘ESA Grand Rounds’. Please let us know if you would like to be on our mailing list for up-coming events by contacting us via email:

Doctor sub-specialty and services: ESA has 16 Ophthalmologists each has their own sub-specialty in their area of expertise. We continually strive to offer a broad range of specialist services to respond to your patient’s medical and surgical eye care. Please find our doctors specialty and location: Doctors Schedule and Specialty Flyer 2013 Current

Patient Referral Form:

Feedback / Enquiry Form: 

ESA value your support and welcome your feedback and suggestions. We will endevour to accommodate any of your needs to ensure that the ease of referring and care of patients are achieved. Please phone or email us


  • ESA provides information and resources for both patients and referrers use. Please feel free to down load, print these resources for your practice needs.
  • Research and Publications: A comprehensive sampling of publications by the Doctors who are associates of ESA is included on this web-site for you information

Secure Electronic Communication between Referrers and ESA: 

  • ESA has adopted the ARGUS messaging software to enable secure electronic communication between ourselves and our referrers. Argus is a collection of software products that enable messages to be encrypted, sent via email to the recipient (referrer or ESA in this case) and ultimately decrypted for use by the other party.
  • ESA uses VIP Patient Management Software so we will need to arrange an appropriate exchange of information in order for our system to work correctly with emails from/to you. The critical piece of information for us to receive and send is your provider number.
  • If you are not familiar with Argus we suggest you go to their website,

Upcoming ESA Events:  As part of our commitment to our referrers we aim to offer regular information sessions and a regular series of ‘ESA Grand Rounds’. Please register with us so we can inform you of future events held at ESA.