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Oculoplastic Surgery

Oculoplastic involves the management of the eyelids, tear ducts and re-constructive surgery. There are many types of conditions that can affect this part of the eye and its surrounds. Below information will help you understand the different conditions and its treatments.

What is Oculoplastic Surgery?

Oculoplastic surgery refers to any surgery involving the eyelids, tear ducts and orbital region.

Why use an Oculoplastic surgeon?

An Oculoplastic surgeon is an ophthalmologist who has undertaken further specialist training in plastic surgery specifically in these areas.  Your oculoplastic surgeon’s primary focus is the health and safety of your eyes but they also have unique skills as plastic surgeons.

What are some of the conditions treated by an Oculoplastic Surgeon?
  • Eyelid ‘lumps and bumps’

These may either be unsightly benign lesions causing cosmetic concerns or more suspicious changes that may require a biopsy. Often, minor operative procedures can be completed on the same day as a consultation.

  • Eyelid skin tumours

The most common skin tumour around the eyes is a basal cell carcinoma.  Surgical treatment to excise the tumour requires specialist oculoplastic expertise to reconstruct the eyelid to return its normal appearance and function.  Please follow this link for more information on: Oculoplastic -Lumps and Bumps – Patient Information 2013.

  • Eyelid malpositions

Ectropion (drooping lower eyelid), entropion (turned in eyelid) and ptosis (drooping upper eyelid) can all cause unwanted symptoms varying from visual field obstruction, dry or watering eye to unwanted facial asymmetry and altered appearance. Please follow this link for more information on Eyelid malpositions:  Oculoplastic – Ectropian & Entropia – Patient Information 2013

  • Excessive eyelid skin and eyelid ‘bags’

This is a very common condition that can affect both men and women and is generally due to the ageing process.  It can cause heavy eyelids and visual field obstruction, or it may be a cosmetic concern involving either the upper or lower eyelids.  Blepharoplasty surgery (performed as a day case procedure) by an experienced oculoplastic surgeon can restore the ageing eyelid in both function and appearance with very satisfying results. Please follow this link for more information on Oculoplastic – Blepharoplasty- Patient Information 2013

  • Blocked tear duct

A blocked tear duct, sometimes known as nasolacrimal duct obstruction, can cause persistent eye watering or sometimes a chronic eye infection.  Endoscopic lacrimal surgery, using miniature cameras to operate on the tear ducts internally via the nose, now allows your oculoplastic surgeon to perform ‘scarless’ surgery without a skin incision. Please follow this link for more information on Oculoplastic – DCR- Patient Information 2013

ESA can arrange a consultation for you at any of our locations.  Most surgery can be performed as a ‘day case’ in state-of-art operating facilities.  Some minor operative procedures can be performed during your consultation in the rooms.