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Refractive Surgery

Over the last 25 years, developments in medical technology and Refractive Surgery allow almost all need for glasses and contact lenses to be eliminated.  Currently there are a number of effective procedures available to correct myopia (short-sightedness), hypermetropia (long-sightedness) and astigmatism.  Laser vision correction (Excimer laser surgery) and lens implants are available at Eye Surgery Associates.

The most appropriate procedure for you can only be determined after a detailed assessment of your eyes at your initial consultation.  We look forward to the opportunity to discuss these options with you.  In the meantime, you may find the following information helpful:

Refractive Surgery – Patient Information 2013

FAQ – Refractive Surgery – Patient Information 2013 

Corneal Topography Testing – Patient informaton 2013

Complimentary consultation to determine if you are suitable for refractive surgery is available at any of our three sites.  Please contact us on 1800 986 695 or request an appointment online.