Our Team

Eye Surgery Associates (ESA) has a team of over 85 staff, who work in various roles including: orthoptics/clinical services, administration, management, accounts, information technology, communications, and marketing & events. Photos of some of our team members are displayed below. ESA is dedicated to ensuring that the patient care offered by the ophthalmic practices operating out of our sites is of the highest standard. ESA staff aim to offer a superior service experience.

East Melbourne


Hello from our East Melbourne team!

Left to Right: Andrea, Andriana, Caleb, Dina, Emina, Emily, Francesco, Jade, Jane, Jessie, Jo, Laura, Libby, Monika, Nasreen, Nicola, Nicole, Rosemarie, Rowa, Sabrina, Sarah, Trevor, Vanessa, Vesna.


ESA Malvern Staff

Introducing our team from Malvern!

Left to Right: Aisling, Alex, Cecily, Declan, Emily, Julia, Leanne, Lianna, Melanie, Melinda, Miranda, Nicole, Steffie, Stephanie, Susan, Teagan, Victoria, Zohra.



Our Doncaster team welcomes you!

Left to Right: Agnes, Aisyah, Alvi, Anna, Cassie, Claire, Elena, Faiza, Flora, Freke, Isabella, Jaimee, Kirsty, Lara, Laura, Lisa, Madeleine, Paula, Sam.

Vermont South


Greetings from our Vermont South team!

Left to Right: Bronwyn, Christina D, Christina L, Fiona, Jade, Josephine, Karen, Kate, Kim, Kirra, Kirti, Lazar, Maria, Rebecca, Terri.