ESA Grand Rounds Seminar

ESA Grand Rounds Seminar: Wednesday 15th May

ESA Grand Rounds Seminars aim to update practitioners on new advances and future directions for specific eye disorders and technology. Our events are accredited by Optometry Australia and participants will be able to receive points towards Continuing Professional Development (CPD) for completing this session.


Dr Ben Connell, presenting:
Topic 1: “A case-based approach to corneal topography. It’s role in a modern eyecare practice"

Dr Jacqueline Beltz, presenting:
Topic 2: "Enhancing Patient Outcomes: The Synergy of Customised Intraocular Lenses and Effective Communication"


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Food and beverage provided (vegetarian options available).
Please arrive at 6:00pm to leave time for refreshments before presentations.
Presentations will begin at 6:30PM.

CPD POINTS = ( 1i )
To meet CPD requirements and gain full points, you must attend the entire seminar.
You will need to sign-in upon arrival for acknowledgement of attendance and to receive CPD points.



Parking at venue available.
The session will not be streamed or made available online.




2024 Grand Rounds Event Calendar 

Wednesday 20th March, 2024

Wednesday 15th May, 2024

Wednesday 10th July, 2024

Tuesday 3rd September, 2024

Tuesday 29th October, 2024


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What are Grand Rounds?

Originally, the phrase “Grand Rounds” was a hospital term used when doctors were attending to their patients alongside a group of student/trainee doctors – generally to discuss and pass on medical knowledge. This served an educational purpose for students, who learned while the doctors made their “rounds” through the hospital.

Our version of Grand Rounds is the modern equivalent – ophthalmologists who operate out of ESA’s suites present optometry-related education and news, hosted through our series of seminar/webinar events, to support the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) of health professionals. CPD Points are determined/allocated based on the learning objectives assigned to each presentation and/or accompanying assessments.

**Please note the CPD points allocated for each of our events, as they are subject to change.


Locations: Events are usually held in proximity to one of our four consulting suites (Doncaster, East Melbourne, Malvern and Vermont South), or via webinars through Loghic Connect. Details are sent out via an invitation to our subscribers and are posted under the  ‘Upcoming Events’ tab of our website. In addition to our website, event details and updates can be found on the ESA Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

ESA Event Structure:  Our Grand Rounds typically include one or two speakers per evening, with presentations that include the latest research, relevant to the chosen clinical topic/s, as well as two or three case-studies that discuss interesting and unique features. Past event/topic examples include: cataract surgery, ICG angiography, B scans, ERGs and clinical trials.

Discussion and interchange of ideas and observations is encouraged, and the formal component of each session will always meet CPD requirements. ESA aims to manage Grand Round events sessions efficiently, and they are generally held at the end of the working day, as most attendees are usually unavailable during the day.


ESA aims to update our “Grand Rounds – Upcoming Events” page regularly to ensure that event details are correct. To register for Grand Rounds, please subscribe to our Events Mailing List using the form above.