Grand Rounds

Our Grand Rounds are CPD events for Optometrists held every 2-3 months.

Location: Usually held in the proximity of our four clinics – Doncaster, East Melbourne, Malvern and Vermont South.  Exact venue details are notified via invitation, and are posted on this page ‘Upcoming Events’ as well as ESA’s Facebook page.

Format:  The format for our Grand Rounds is usually based on two speakers per evening, and includes presentation of latest literature relevant to the topic/s, and 2 or 3 case-studies selected for interesting and unique features, including, for example: cataract surgery, ICG Angiography, B scans, ERG’s and clinical trials. Discussion and interchange of ideas and observations is encouraged. The formal time will always meet CPD requirements and we aim to manage the total session, mindful that these sessions are generally at the end of a full working day.

For further information or to register for future Grand Rounds, please contact us via email:







Independent Learning Activities 

The Independent Learning activities below are approved by the Optometry Board of Australia and available until 30th November 2020.

These activities enable you to watch our presentations On-Demand, whenever it’s convenient for you while still being able to receive CPD points. Viewers are eligible to receive 1 point per learning hour. Please contact Megan Morris via our Events Mailing List for the registration details

Dr Jacqueline Beltz 
– Presenting: Presbyopia correction at the time of cataract surgery
Dr Helen Chan – Presenting: What to expect when your patient’s expecting: Glaucoma and pregnancy

1.5, 0.75 Therapeutic CPD Points Approved by Optometry Board of Australia

Dr Ben Connell – Presenting: Anterior Segment Imaging Case Studies: What imaging can and can’t tell us!
Dr Justin Friebel – Presenting: Common eyelid problems (Chalazia, cysts and naevi) and applied decision making theory.

1.5 CPD Points Approved by Optometry Board of Australia

Dr Weng Ng
Presenting: Normal Tension Glaucoma – Anything But Normal
A/Prof Andrew Symons – Presenting: Lens Zonule and Capsule Failure – Management of Ectopia Lentis and Dislocated Intraocular Lenses

1.5, 0.75 Therapeutic CPD Points Approved by Optometry Board of Australia

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